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I want a love that looks past positions

God Refuses to see any one person as unique

too.emo.for.you. sad face
25 May
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Rejected sour eyes can't imagine blue skies

Were you hopeful at 17?

I bet if we froze right here and didn't move and didn't breathe we could stop time

To tell the truth I enjoy my life. I don't think about death at all.

Its hard lookin at you when you look that way with your one night stands and your sleep all days oh you're such a slut sometimes.

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...I realized that most people I knew were going to die alone and lonely. Was this life in general, or was it just me? Did I unwittingly send out the sort of signals that attract desperate souls?

a few decades after your first kiss and your first cigarette, I don't care if you're rich or poor, life leaves the same number of bruises on you
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